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Strength of any business is determined by weakest link in its supply chain. The weak link could be the incapability in handling a wide variety of materials and their rigorous movements across locations or the inefficiency in managing inventories or delays in procurement of raw materials and distribution of finished goods leading to high turnaround times or even a lack of strategic approach towards managing the supply chain. Whatever the weak link, it costs.

We help businesses identify those weak links and then strengthen them, thereby taking the business on a high growth orbit. Our approach is to start at the grassroots and arrive at practical tips to strengthen the weak links. Links in the supply chain could be weak due to lack of a clear strategy, lack of budgetary analysis and monitoring, lack of cost optimization and control, lack of insufficient expertise or inadequate resources, lack of standardization in processes and operating procedures, lack of metrics to monitor and control efficiency, lack of access to regulatory information and changes affecting supply chain, lack of data analysis or many other causes.

Our Services



  • Process and Workflow Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Decision Support MIS and Analytics Budgeting,Pricing and Contracts Management.


  • Innovation Insights
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Documentation
  • Content Support in Event Management.


  • Business Modelling
  • Strategic Planning and Advisory
  • Process Reengineering
  • Domain Expertise.

Vision and Mission

“Strength is Life; Weakness is Death.” – Swami Vivekananda

Inspired by these great words, Strenbiz© is started with an objective of providing Management Academic and Consulting Services to customers in manufacturing and services sector for strengthening their business.

Our vision goes as far as taking Indian industry to unprecedented heights in the global league of developed countries and integrating it into the Global Supply Chain.
Our mission is to contribute towards the sustainable growth of Indian economy and industry through the various initiatives like ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Ease of Doing Business’, etc. launched by Government of India.

We aim to achieve this by guiding businesses through weeding out the various inefficiencies and weaknesses in their systems and processes, empowering them with digitization and data analysis, innovation insights and improvement plans, thereby infusing them with strength, vigor, and life.

Projects Delivered


Green Win

Sustainability of any system or organization depends on the sustainability of the environment it operates in. It stands to the reason that sustainability of business organizations depends on the sustainability of the global supply chain environment they operate in. And that, in turn, depends on the sustainability of the globe…

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Bank On

Interchangeably and often synonymously as they may be used though, the terms ‘Capital’ and ‘Money’ are different from each other. Capital is a factor or instrument of production. It comprises assets viz. property, cash, inventory, equipment, skilled resources, patents, brand identity, balance sheets, etc. used by a business to produce…

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Innovation Value Chain

As bewildering as it may seem, Intel Corporation was publicly awarded for fundamentally the same reason the great Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei was imprisoned for. Innovation. While Galileo’s innovation was his intelligent observations supporting heliocentrism as opposed to the erstwhile popular belief in geocentrism, Intel’s innovation is its development of…

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Treading Tactically

With our government granting infrastructure status to logistics, the scope of the sector expanded to include multimodal logistics parks, cold chain and warehousing facilities, urban public transport, roads, highways and bridges, ports, shipyards, inland waterways, airports, railway tracks, tunnels, viaducts, stations and adjoining commercial infrastructure. This welcome move notwithstanding, the…

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Pondering as I have been over the purpose and achievability of Business Transformation initiatives, seldom have I seen any measurable tangible results springing forth from it. Many of them, in fact quite contrarily, have ended up springing a leak. It is a double whammy – massive budgets wasted on unproductive…

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There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.




Mandar Vasudeo Athalekar, Founder and CEO of Strenbiz© is a Strategic Consultant, Professional Trainer and Thought Leader in Supply Chain Management. He has over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, particularly in process re-engineering, designing, implementing and managing Procurement, Inventory, Transportation, Warehouse and Global Trade Business Systems globally.

He has travelled extensively across the globe, primarily in advisory role consulting to various large manufacturing, logistics and warehousing service provider organizations. He has worked in large multinational organizations, successfully leading various business initiatives at Legal Entity as well as Group level.

He has a Masters in Supply Chain and Logistics Management with Graduation in Engineering. He is an author of several thought leadership articles in the Value Chain Management domain, particularly in Strategic Global Trade, Transportation and Warehousing Management, has participated in and continues to speak at several seminars and conferences addressing key issues, challenges, solutions and trends in Supply Chain Management.

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